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    Ed: You sound like an understanding dad....

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/18/2001, 10:23 pm , in reply to "Re: How did we all miss this ???"

    My mom didn't want me to get MY first bike either. Dad kinda had to go along with her but didn't enthusiastically support mom's futile anti-bike campaign, however. But it must have been a "gene thing", as I found out when I was about
    25 or so dear old dad had once owned an Indian Scout for 2 years when he was 19 or 20. Amazing, ain't it.
    Yep, I think your boy will be OK on the GT185 for awhile but, as we all know, the "need for speed" will eventually lead him on to bigger and faster iron UNLESS he scares the bejesus out of himself. My personal "cure" for the "need for speed"
    is a long day at the dragstrip. We all used to ratrace each other on the way to the strip on "run what ya brung" Saturdays BUT we all drove home at the posted speed or less. It's amazing what "seeing the face of God" a few times can do to prime your instinct for self preservation. LOLOLOL. Good luck with your boy.


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