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    Bargain basement TC250 update and pictures to come

    Posted by Bill on 6/19/2001, 8:41 am

    I rode my friend Richard's "new" '70 TC250 he bought for $22.50 this past weekend. Previously I had erroneously reported it as a T250 but it has the cool high pipes. So far Richard has sprung for two spark plugs (ca. $2.50), a new battery (ca. $40), and got some ignition keys cut (ca. $10). It is rat ugly but it actually does run and has good power if you keep the revs up. It has no rear brake and the front brake is weak so we just tooled around the neighborhood. I took some photos of Richard's highly modified Buffalo and other assorted Suzuki two-stroke bikes we own, including my '74 Buffalo and my '72 Titan, and I should have them up on Geocities by the weekend. Stay tuned.


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