Suzuki Snapshots

Pascal Benoot - Suzi T500 racebike Part 4


Pascal has been busy building a completely new T500 racebike, and achieving good performance from it as well...first some shots of the old bike in action.....

DSC_6115.jpg (35025 bytes)

jehonville2003s.jpg (28345 bytes)

jehonville20032s.jpg (31749 bytes)

and now the new bike....

bijnaaf001s.jpg (53350 bytes)

bijnaaf002s.jpg (71690 bytes)

bijnaaf003s.jpg (47270 bytes)

bijnaaf004s.jpg (73596 bytes)

and the new bike under construction.....

newt500001s.jpg (49965 bytes)

newt500002s.jpg (53792 bytes)

newt500003s.jpg (45558 bytes)

newt5000031s.jpg (52161 bytes)

Earlier pics of Pascal racing his T500 racerbike
last phase


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