Suzuki RG500

1974 XR14

The basic configuration-water cooled, 2-cycle, square four rotary disk valve of 500cc capacity
1975 XR14
1976 XR22

Suzuki's first world champion in 500cc Grand prix competition, only three years after it's debut. The thoroughness of the RG500 design overwhelmed its competitors.
Ken Blake
1977 XR22 RGA

1978 XR27 RGA

Even with the basic layout unchanged, the RGA500 was completely rebuilt. The rear two cylinders of the engine were elevated over its predecessor model, making the engine size even more compact


1979 XR34 RGB


1980 XR34 RGB

Equipped with the Hydraulic Anti-dive fork and full floating suspension system, the functional operation of the RGB500 was further enhanced, greatly increasing rider comfort and control over the machine

1981 XR35 GAMMA

Representing a second reconstruction of the original model, the RG Gamma is considerably more compact than its predecessor.  16-inch front wheel disproved the critics 

1982 XR40 GAMMA

New framework of square aluminium tubing reduces weight, improves riding stability; thus this years model is even more refined

1983 XR45 GAMMA


1984 XR45 GAMMA
1985 XR70 GAMMA
1986 XR70/50  GAMMA

Walter Wolf
1987 XR72 GAMMA
140ps/ 11,500rpm
Kevin Schwantz

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