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Suzuki Snapshots

Murray Sheene's Collection of Racing Suzukis and Yamahas

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Barry Sheene's XR40


Just thought I'd send you pictures on my Suzuki's. 4 RG's ( two Ex-Stan Woods, one ex- Bill Gutherie) Two works 500's ( Both Ex Sheene ) and one XR11 ( works bike but rider unknown, could have been Sheene, Newbold or Williams ) Anyway, hope you like 'em. Great site mate!

PS: They will hopefully be on permanent public display up here in Thailand within the next year or two. Will keep you informed!

Muzz Sheene

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Suzuki XR45

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Stan Wood's RG500

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Suzuki RG Mk2

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Suzuki RG500

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Suzuki RG500

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Suzuki TR750 XR11 ex Bazza?

and some non-Suzukis.......

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Yamaha TZ350G

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Yamaha TZ750F

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Yamaha TZ700


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Yamaha TZ500J

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