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I went to many meetings with my Dad. I can remember getting carried out to the Ford Thames van in the early hours of the morning and setting of to go to various race circuits in the 60's with Dad, Frank Whiteway and a few other folk. I remember being at Mallory Park when John Cooper beat Agostini and Ago went and sulked in his van.

I was at Brands Hatch when Agostini was there, the officials would not let me into the paddock to meet up with my Dad, so Agostini sorted them and sat me on his MV and took me to the paddock. I was at the transatlantic meetings in the early 70's when Mert Lawill, Cal Rayborn and Dick Mann were racing. I remeber my Dad talking to Dick Mann and I was amazed to see his toes peeping out of his boots as he had worn through the leather and duct tape!

I have many memories of the TT and Manx as I used to be the tea boy and tank polisher.

Attached is a shot of me on a Sidecar beloning to Vic Hudson and Jack Hart from Canada. It's taken outside my Granny's house in the Isle of Man during the 1973 TT. My Dad and his mechanics had been doing some work on it. They raced in the 500 and 1000 sidecar race, but I'm not to sure if this one has a T500 or GT750 engine. It has yellow plates that generally mean for the 500 class.

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