Various Suzukis

Two strokes
Scott Carpenter's T350R
Some Suzis from the register
GT550 Suzuki
Some raunchy Suzuki Ads
Italian Suzuki Racers 250, 380, 500 and 750 - 1973-74
Saiad Suzuki Catalogue - 1974

Saiad Suzukis spycam
Suzuki T and GT Bulletin Board and Archives
Suzuki Parts Suppliers
Todd's GT550 Racebike
From beginning to the end
Suzuki engine and frame numbers 1971 -1994
Suzuki model chart -singles, twins, triples and racers
Suzuki Type and Year Code Chart 1971 - 1984

Barton Suzuki - 380 conversion
Suzuki T500L magazine article
Suzuki T500M magazine article
T500M torture test
T250R Hustler 1971
Suzuki RS67 125cc V4 racer
Joe Eastmure and the controversial 1972 6 Hour Production Race
Willie Hardin's Suzi Gallery - TR50, TR500, TR750, T20, etc
More Willie Hardin shots
More Willie Hardin shots - Pt 2
The 1969 T350 Rebel
Arne's Suzis - T350, GT750 and GT250
RG500 Racebikes
Anthony's GT550 Suzuki

1970 T350
Henrik's GT550
GT250 and GT380 Piston and rings chart
Barry Sheene tribute
HCW3's GT185 and GT250 road racers
Bjorn's T125
Murray Sheenes's collection of racing Suzukis and Yamahas
Steve's Suzuki T125 Stinger

Mermaid on a Suzuki
Suzuki GT380/550/750 fork fix
1969 Suzuki lineup - magazine ad
1972 Suzuki lineup - magazine ad
1972 GT550 - magazine test
1972 TM400 - magazine ad
1972 TS400J magazine test
1973 Suzuki lineup - magazine ad
1974 Suzuki TM lineup - magazine ad
1974 Suzuki RL ad
1974 Suzuki road lineup - magazine ad
1974 TS and RV lineup - magazine ad
1975 Suzuki lineup - magazine ad
1975 Suziki RE5 - magazine ad

1976 Suzuki lineup - magazine ad
1977 Suzuki GT lineup - magazine ad
1977 Suzuki DS lineup - magazine ad
1977 Suzuki RM, TS and PE lineup - magazine ads
Barton 500
Sparton 500
Hi Tac racing sidecar
TS125 J mag test
1972 TS50, TS90, TS185, TS250 and TS400J magazine ads
1972 TM250 and TM400 magazine ads
1972 Triples Ad
1972 T250J and T350J ad
1972 TC Blazer ad
Barton Square Four
Various Bartons
Suzuki Cleans Up - Willow Springs 12 Hr Race October 1968


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