Suzuki Service Data

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Note: "on page 15, the authors forgot to show two small bits of pertinent classification data. In the third table of AC Generator specs in the part for the GT380/550/750 under the subhead "Rotor Coil" of the "Alternator" section they neglected to tell the world that, there WERE two manufacturers supplying this stuff to Suzuki.
So......the upper listing of values "2 - 5" should be designated for Kokusan equipped bikes and the lower listing of values "10 - 20" should be designated for Nippon Denso equipped bikes. Of course this also applies to the "Stator Coil" subhead as well but since the values are the same for either system it's not so critical. I love it when stuff gets out to the world that hasn't been properly proofread......although in fairness, this info isn't even included in the factory GT750 Service Manual, either" - info courtesy H2Rick

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