Seeley TR500 and XR05 - Courtesy Kevin Fletcher

The bike in question is a I have relic of the 1971 / 1972 era.  The frame is an original mark one Seeley and was originally purchased from Colin Seeley by Eddie Crooks back in 1970 / 1971.  

The engine is basically the same specification as the one raced to victory in the 1976 Manx Grand Prix by Les Trotter.  The photo's were shot in Canada last August at the Annual VRRA festival at Mosport Park in Ontario.  

That's Les trotter with his girlfriend D'reen staring out at you.  Still riding TR 500's after all these years!!!  This was the second outing for les on this bike in 2001, he finished 3rd at Daytona on it in the Formula 500 event in early March.


I have a real XR 05 in the garage. 

 I also have a real TR 250 that Les rode for me for 12 years.  We won the Kenning Classic series on the TR 250  2 years in a row, runner up the following year and got a second place in the classic MGP on it in 1995.  If you look at the crooks site these statistics are listed on their success stories page but I owned the bike... not Martin or Eddie!  I have had an association with crooks Suzuki going back to the time of Frank Whiteway in 1967 / 68, in fact I see Frank about twice a year and his daughter lives in Canada not too far from me.

 I have attached some shots of the XR05 for you to take a look at. 

 When I got the bike it was alleged to have been an Ex Jody Nicholas machine but there was no proof of this to be had.  That is Jody standing next to the bike.  The picture was taken at New Hampshire International Speedway in the US around 1996 or so.  Jody came up from his home in California for a weekends racing and autograph signing.

Thanks to Kevin Fletcher for the pics and info.


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