Suzuki Snapshots

Pascal Benoot - Part 3


I worked 5 months to make the bike ready.
Thess are the thing I've done and changed about the original T500 bike.
- shortning the wheel base from 1.52 meter to 1.37 meter so the bike is 15 cm shorter.
- bring the front fork angle from 25 to 23.
- build my own tank and seat in fibreglass.
- reinforce the frame.
- mount 18 inches aluminium rims on the front and rear wheel .
- mount a GT 750 fork with double disk brakes.
- assemble a transistor ignition which works with the(old) contact points.
- assemble my own tachometer.with LEDs
- make my own heads
- mount and assemble the Swarbrick pipes.
- mount a M-Toby steering damper
I have driven two times at the circuit with this new bike and i can tell that the concept is very good. The frame is very strong.also in the curves. The next step is tuning a engine to +/- 65 hp.
The engine I tuned past year is a total loss at the moment so now i have an original engine in the bike with my own heads.
 Pascal Benoot


Pascal's bike has come a long way and he is rightly proud of his efforts.



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