Technical tips

Chain lube

JohhnyUK has built himself a nifty little auto chain lube for his T500......

Let Johnny do the talking.......... "here's the pictures of my oil lube thingy and chain guard.the chain I fitted is a standard heavy duty 'o' ring, so far done about 2000 miles without any adjustment to the chain. The botlle I used is a thin wall so it can be queeze easily without having to take the bottle off. There is a breather pipe a few inche's down the pipe (if you put on the top of the bottle,cap, you'll get the oil coming out othe top), you need this otherwise the oil will just go back into the bottle. I usually squeeze about 2"- 3" past the breather pipe, all in all it'll be about  5"- 6" of oil in the tube that normally lasts the afternoon ride (60-100 miles). Of cause if it need lubing, just  queeze the bottle again. As gordon would say bobs ya uncle"



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