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EDDIE CROOKS MOTORCYCLES carnival float in 1971.

The New T500R is the centre attraction with a couple of girls that the lads from the shop were knocking about with!
I'm the kid on a Kawasaki 100cc wondering where to look next !
I remember all our street making paper flowers to put on the Co-op milk float thet my dad borrowed.

1972-MGP-Practice.jpg (66005 bytes)

Thursday afternoon of practice week Manx Grand Prix 1972. First in the queue was the Crooks Suzuki Seeley TR500 of Danny Shimmin, second was Doug Lunn who was also on a T500 based racer. It was a big thing to be the first to set off in the practice sessions, especially the Thursday as it was the only afternoon session and was a warm up for the race. As I remember my Father took the bike up very early and left me, John Kneen (a friend from the Isle of man) and another eager schoolboy to look after the bike for a few hours. This meant the riders, mechanics and my Dad could get on with other jobs. Our reward was to sit on the bike and operate the throttle when it had to be warmed up !

Left to Right:

Martin Crooks (eager 11 year old schoolboy).

Danny Shimmin (fastest in practice, should have won the race, but the rear sprocket bolts sheared at Sulby on the last lap while in the lead).

Eddie Crooks (probably just putting the race plugs in).

Doug Lunn (wondering why he had no pit crew !)

1976-Ed+LT+Mayor.jpg (68468 bytes)

"Mayor" - Shows a reception at Barrow-in-Furness Town Hall a few days after Les had won.

Left to right:    Eddie Crooks

                     The Mayor of Barrow-in-Furness

                     Les Trotter (in trendy jacket!)  

1976-MGP-finish.jpg (66856 bytes)

From 1976 Manx Grand Prix.

Shows the top 3.

Left to right:    No. 29    Brian Robinson (3rd)

                     Vera Morris, My Granny(Eddie's Mum)

                     No. 1      Les Trotter (1st)

                     Eddie Crooks

                     No. 71    Danny Shimmin (2nd)

Shell oils must have provided them all with the silly hats!

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