Talking heads again

some more pics of steel squish head inserts designed and manufactured by Pascal Benoot in Belgium

The inserts are available for 240euro /set ex transport (as at April 2003)

The buyer just have to mill out his old standard heads. I pay 45 euro/ pc  in belgium to do this in an engine overhaul company. Ii give the dimensions and heat paste to mount the inserts in the milled heads. You have to regulate the  piston/squish clearance with copper gaskets to 0.8 mm and torque the heads to 3.5 kg/m the system runs with short reach spark plugs. I can say that the result is perfect.

Weight  1.580 kg / set

Very professional looking products and a lot of work by Pascal in getting it right.

Pictures above are the new naked squish chambers .

the other are the same concept but with the old combustion chambers (model Crooks and TR 500)



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