Suzuki GT - T500 technical guff

I'll try and put some technical guff up here over time.


 A frequently asked question - modifying the gearbox oil level

GT500 Electrics - some trouble shooting charts and wiring diagram

Torque Settings

Common tune up and maintenance specifications

T500 Parts book on line

GT500 Parts book on line

Tips - vibration remedy

Model Identification hints and photos

Engine and frame numbers for T/GT500s

Talking about heads

Pics on making a squish head

Sundial Zooke's Squish heads

Suzuki Colour Codes

Mikuni Jets explained

Wiring diagrams for T500 and GT500

Hotting up a T500 - Ron Grant's tuning secrets

Octane ratings

Suzuki service bulletin - clutches

Modeling expansion chambers program

Building expansion chambers

Racing preparation

GT500 suspension article (pdf doc) (thanks H2Rick)

T500 owners handbook (pdf doc)

VM Mikunis explained (pdf doc)

Suzuki Technical Bulletins (in PDF format)

Chain lube device

Crank splitting and rebuilding

Assorted Items of Interest for T/GT500's


Suzuki T500 Service Manual and T500 and GT500 parts books on CD-ROM.

Click here for details



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