Technical tips


Remove the engine and counterbore the engine casings to accept the GT750 rubber engine mounts , the mounting lugs on the T500 frame have to be sleeved down with small rings ( knurled and hardened bushes) which are then pressed into frame lugs at the 3 frame mounting points to accept the smaller GT750 engine bolts which are 12mm and not 14mm as on the T500 .   N.B. rubber bushes cannot be drilled open to suit standard T500 engine bolts, as the bushes are made from ( hardened steel ) -  GT 750 engine bolts have to be used as replacements .  

Rubber mounting the standard silencers at mounting rear footrest points by using rubber mounts available from any exhaust muffler shop is also recommended, this is standard mounting practice with expansion chamber exhausts.
  I estimate the vibration is reduced by 90% , and certainly a cheap and effective modification to overcome the " effects " of  the vibration inherent in this engine design.    

Regards Philip de Gruchy Johannesburg,South Africa


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Murray Barnard

June 2000

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