Like minded 500 Suzuki fans share pictures of their bikes.

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Hello Murray,
Firstly, great 500 site, between your site and Erics, you really do our chosen bike proud, loads of useful information and contacts, just goes to show how popular the 500 still is around the world.
I 've sent you a couple of photo's of my bikes for you to maybe post on the readers wivesxx.... er I mean readers writes, (wrong site !!) section.
First one is my 1977 GT500 A. Restored by me from scrap, I know its history from new, so I've sort of got a soft spot for this one, just completed  rebuild with reconned crank, already had rebore and new 4th and fifth gears, so hopefully it will stay in one piece for a good few years to come.
Second is my 'rat' bike, used for going to work on in the winter and when it rains (frequently !), its made up mainly of bits left over from donor bikes , used in the restoration of the other 500. GT380 tank, GS shox, unknown seat, 2 into 1 and ram jet filters, sounds evil !!

Trevor Marsh


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Here is my bike. I am racing it in Colorado in the brand new Vintage Class of
MRA. Still working on it to make it faster and better in handling.

Andi Seiler - May 2000

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Maurizio from Switzerland

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1971 T500R - Maurizio ( Switzerland )

Swiss roads Alps_Grimsel Pass 2'450 msm.jpg (53781 bytes)
Maurizio's favourite stretch of road, where the T500 really shines! - Swiss Alps Grimsel Pass 2,450m

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