Like minded 500 Suzuki fans share pictures of their bikes or other Suzis.

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Tristan Newsome

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Chris Newsome

I have been keeping tabs on your website and am very impressed, you have done a top job! Please add myself Chris Newsome and my son Tristan to your list. attachedare a couple of photo's, one of me no 33 which was taken at Mac Park in South Australia and the other of my son Tristan on 501 also taken at Mac Park, as you can see Tristan's riding style is slightly more flamboyant than mine! We hail out of Adelaide and try to get in as many races as we can,  at this stage that is not many as racing in SA is going through a flat spot. As well as the two racing Titans I have a road going Titan and a number of dismantled machines. The garage also has a Suzuki Katana, Kawasaki GTR1000, AJS 16MS and various other bits and pieces stuffed in it. We recently went over to Philip Island, for the Island Classic, not racing unfortunatly (supporting a mate of mine with an AJS 7R) and was pleased to see a good field of Titans out on the track. Next year I am definitely heading over there with the bike as the track is awesome! As you can see on the pics both of the bikes are unfaired, what I would like to do is make them look a little more like the TR. All the best,

Chris Newsome

Feb 2001


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Tristan at MacPhillamy Park, Mount Gambier, South Australia

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