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From: "Morris, Dan"
Subject: FYI: T500 expansion chambers maker in Houston TX
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997

Hi Murray,
I wrote to you a while back, a fellow Titan owner (and now a '69 guzzi ambo owner!!). A note for anyone interested:

I've done some investigating and found that there is a company here in Houston, Texas (Jemco exhaust systems) that makes T500 expansion chambers for US$250/pair. Sorry, don't know the specs. Includes a built-in silencer. Whatever the case, it beats $800/pair in any country!

I called Jemco today and he claims a 10-15% boost. One of my co-workers, a vintage racer, bought an RD350 set and says it really awakened the bike.

If memory serves me correctly, Doug Fleming responded to my email once, saying he bought a set from Jemco.

Jemco Exhaust Systems
1919-B Blalock Dr
Houston TX 77080-0561

phone number: 713-461-3834

Dan Morris

From: "Morris, Dan"

Subject: T500 ignition info

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997

Greetings again, Murray!

I have good news for any Titan fans needing ignition.

Check out the Pro-Flow website, It is listed more as an RD400-type site, but the following is a response I received when I asked if they had ignitions for the T500:

I do have a Newtronic ignition for the T500 it runs $129.95. I also carry Dyna coils that are compatible with the ignition, $97.95. The coils are an "owners choice" item, as the stock coils will work with the unit. The unit carries a 3 year factory warranty.

Thank you,
John Ritter

The same gentleman here at Compaq that recommended the Jemco exhaust for his race RD recommended this ignition (BTW, let me give credit where it is due. His web site is here ):

"I HIGHLY recommend a relatively cheap addition to ANY old points system bike. Newtronics electronic ignition. The one for the RD runs around $120 (points cost $60-$70 from the dealer). I put one on my race bike 3 years ago. Spot on timing that NEVER changes. They're setup to 'plug and play' into your existing wiring harness. I took my original off the race bike this last weekend (going to an RD400 motor, and it's a little different), and put it on my street bike (which still had points). Unbelievable. Easy starts, smooth idle, crisper acceleration. I had forgotten what it did for the race bike. I bet they make one for the T500. Look at They specialize in RD stuff, but I know they carry Newtronics. It's worth a shot."

All the best, take care,
Daniel Morris
Systems Analyst - Worldwide Transportation
[email protected]
Ext. 4-1923


From: "Dobben, Luc van" To: "'[email protected]'"
Subject: Suzuki 500 Fanatics
Date:Mon, 5 Jan 1998 12:36:06 +0100

A happy New Year to you too.
Thanks for a nice bunch of articles about converting a Titan to a racing bike.

We are a couple of addicts from Holland who up till now race 5 Aermacchi replica Ala d'Oro bikes including a Rickman framed one and one original '69 Yamaha TR2B (the one with the big 4 leading shoe brake). A friend of ours built a Suzuki last year and did very well even abroad. We looked up an old article from the seventies which shows you by the way of adding a 4mm gasket to soup up the bike.

In the mean time we collected 4 500 Suzukis of which one is a GT. Two frames are being altered with loops like the TR and the front lowered and altered to 62 degrees. As we read in your article every one puts his own ideas into his bike so we have to decide which options are best.

We are in the posession of two original TR 500 cilinders and heads which we will instal with shorter 750 conrods and pistons and have one engine with a machined down crankshaft with fillers. I myself like to crossdrill the crankshaft like you did and wonder if you could supply more info on this like where and how to drill including diameters. For a petrol tank we opt for the Yamaha one in fibreglass which is almost the same as the TR's but if original models are available please forward an adress.

Seats and fairings are still available from Rob Bron a former private Grand Prix rider who still has his TR500 and once led Agostini for several laps during the German Grand Prix until he lost power by overheating with this same bike. He can be seen during the Centennial in Assen in May (see the last Classic Racer on the rear) along with all the Aces from that period.

As I read in your article that original TR cylinder heads are almost unobtainable,we plan to have a series cast and machined very soon. If anyone is interested please let us know. they are the right sand casted ones with more cooling fins, are 8mm thicker than the standard ones, have long shaft plugs in the right place and are properly squished. An estimate for the cilinders, which differ dramaticly from standard ones, will also be made but fear this will be very expensive. I do hope this is of interest to you and hope you can share the info with the other fanatics.


Lucas van Dobben
Strandwal 107
2241 MJ Wassenaar
E.Mail [email protected]


From: "Keith Napier"

Subject: Suzuki 500s
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 21:36:57
See for some U.K. photos of Crooks Suzuki with Seeley frame and US racers etc.
Best wishes Keith Napier main e mail [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998
Subject: T500 parts....

Just wanted to spread the word about a good parts source I found for the T500. There's a guy in Berlin, CT that has a very good inventory of NOS and clean used parts for the T500 as well as other Suzukis. He managed to track down an NOS side cover for my 1968 Cobra (which is different from all the other years of T500 production) and his prices are very reasonable. He even has a good supply of pistons!! His name is Paul Miller and you can contact him at:

[email protected]

or you can call him at:


He'll be at Mid-Ohio as a vendor and told me he will have a candy magenta 1971 T500 "tourer" as his ride! He got the bike with 6000 original miles on it!


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