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From: "Michael Schroeder" [email protected]


Subject: Suzuki T500

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 10:57:30 -0600

Thanks very much for your web page devoted to the Suzuki T500! I have found it to be thoroughly enjoyable to read and has a wealth of information to help me to restore a 1975 T500-M I purchased last November. Having ridden mortocycles for thirty years, I've always wanted a T500. I found this one quite by accident (Suzuki 500's are / were quite rare here), with a "For Sale" sign on it, parked in front of a rural farmhouse. Though the bike was covered with grease, gunk, oil and god knows what, it only had 6000 mi. showing on the clock, the frame and chrome wheels and fenders (mudguards?) looked straight and no dents in the gas tank or mufflers. After being demonstrated it would start, I paid the young college kid $300 for it and rode it (more like wheezed) 25 miles home in 20 degree F weather! Right now the bike is apart and in the process of being cleaned. The engine seems OK but appears to have leaks at the base of the cylinders, so it is at a mechanic friend of mine to have the heads and cylinders pulled to see how the pistons and cylinder walls look. Hopefully, will just have to replace the rings and fit new gaskets, etc. The carb cables, induction rubber manifolds and intake tube manifolds, tires, chain, countershaft sprocket are a mess and will surely have to be replaced. My intention is to get the bike in reasonably good running order with new paint, rubber, brake shoes, rebuild carbs etc., not a full "restoration" because I doubt the bike will ever have any real "value" except to me. Two stroke motorcycles or Suzukis, for that matter, have never had a real following in this part of the country, Milwaukee Wisconsin being the home of Harley Davidson yada, yada, yada. . . .Finding new or used replacement parts will be the biggest challenge I'll face in my first ever motorcycle project. Good luck in your T500 classic bike racing endeavor and thanks, again, for the beautiful Suzuki 500 web page. Michael J. Schroeder Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA


Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 06:32:26 -0800
From: Robert Lilley
To: [email protected]
Subject: suzuki t-500

i couldn't believe it when i found your page on the internet!
i have been trying to make a half-assed tr-500 replica for about a year
and a half. i say half-assed because the bike is a t-500 titan with a
massaged motor but carries a four leading shoe front brake and has a
similar alloy tank to a tr-500.
i am a little stalled on the project because i am trying to mount a
fairing similar to a tr-500 and get the bike to run without a battery (a
la boyer-brandsen box).
the lack of infromation on these bikes and shortage of photos is
incredible! it is proving to be a real struggle. i should have just
bought a tr-500 and been done with it.
anyway, great page! i am going to browse through your tuning tips and
see what i have done wrong.
thanks again for the info
bob lilley: [email protected]


From: [email protected]
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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 09:10:58 -0600
Subject: Re: Titan T500's

I saw your page and was quite impressed with the information on it. I
>recently purchased two 1975 Titan T500's and your page definitely
>me to buy them. Great site!
>I am looking for any repair manuals for the bikes. I was wondering if you
>knew if any are still in print or what publisher used to release these
>books. My bikes are in good shape but do need some work and a shop manual
>or repair guide would help out tremendously. Otherwise you may receive
>e-mail frequently from me asking questions about repairs.
>How are the going prices for the old Suzuki's in Australia? I think I
>a fair price for the two bikes but no one seems to know what the going
>price for these bikes are, at least the people I talked to.
>Any information would be appreciated.

Well done, now you have to figure out which one to work on
first...decisions, decisions...
Repair manuals..I don't know really..I believe that the Haynes manual is
out of print. You need to frequent swap meets and auto-jumbles and keep an
eye out.
Prices vary, depending on condition, a fairly good one with good engine and
roadworthy would fetch around a$1200. Fully restored between A$2,000-3,000.
Basket cases a coupla hundred, restoration jobs 500?

One last question, both bikes run well but need minor repair. My roommate
is buying one of them off of me. I got both of them for $1400 US. One is
very clean with no rust on the chrome and the tank is very clean with good
paint. The other one is similar but the chrome is not as clean and the
paint is nicked up a bit. Both are in good running condition, roadworthy
to say the least. Both are completely stock and I am curious about high
speeds on the stock bike, say around 100 km or more. Are they quite
stable, and what changes can be made to improve this.

Also, can the pipes be repacked, and if so is it a difficult/ tedious
procedure. The brakes also need to some work. Any tips on either of

As soon as I get some pictures developed you will be getting copies for
your page. It is good to know

Thanks for your help,

Are they stable...I've pushed basically standard frames at 120mph on the race track.
You will find them surprisingly stable..just check the front fork oil and swap the rear shocks for konis. The brakes are hopeless but well gee I've raced on them so they can't be too bad. The front drum doesn't bite real well..not much improves it..try softer shoes and make sure the linkages are adjusted properly..back is OK. The single disk front end is very good from a GT500.

Repacking pipes is not really necessary..unless things are really badly clogged. I tend to use locally made chambers so it is not a problem for is hell of a hard job to get the mufflers out..I would leave well enough alone if it is not blocked or buy/make some street chambers.


From: "Don Leeson."
Subject: Super Site - I'll be back....
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:17:45 +0100
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Murray :-

Great site, have just set the printer going on the TR500 & Cobra pages,
will read in detail later.....

Just a quick spot, you're a little out on the Cobra frame numbers - I think
you'll find they started at 10001, I've got 11068 record in Ireland,
personally own 12298 and 12333, the later being the original Crooks Suzuki
production racer. The T500-II had started by 23346, probably at 20001.

Guess you also know Mike Pettifer, tell him Don Leeson and Dave Evans say

Catch you later, must do some work...
T500-I x 2, T500R, T500L x 4, T500M, GT500A x 2, TR500 rep., TR250, T20 x

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