Chris Bradley's T500 based racing special - Part 1

"Chris is from Newcastle on Tyne and he has been so kind as to keep me informed on his long and arduous path to an immaculate TR500 styled T500 based racing machine. Some of the voluminous correspondence that has graced the ether follows....a bit disorderly, but you know how it is..."

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Hi Murray,

Its good to see the T500 pages increase and I am flattered to see my pics being used. I will keep taking photos as the project progresses. I am expecting my TR lookalike tank and seat unit to arrive any day now which will be a major step forward and when I get my crankcases back things should speed up a bit.

Since begining this project I have been told by yourself and others to modify or completely junk the oil feed pump on my motor, but I am not really sure why. You explain that it takes very little to drive the pump and it is extremely reliable, so why not leave a good thing alone ? I would be very grateful if you can offer an explanation, Rob Greenhill is unable to answer this question also.

It seems we are strengthening our ranks over here in blighty and there is talk of a Racing T500 club.

We may even get a special display of racing 500s at next years Jap Classic Show at Stafford. (If we build it will you come ?)

Its bloody misserable over here just now, were just waiting for christmas to come and go then we can look forward to next season and som good fun.

Best regards..........Chris

Hello there in Blighty, Chris.

I am jealous of your project and look forward to the pics.

I am mighty keen to re-assure you that I am a fan of the standard oil system. I do not modify the oil feed at all. I do set the pump to one third open and wire it there though. Full throttle gives too much oil for racing. I also mix about 1:60 pre-mix in the tank. I'm sure I mentioned that in my pages. It is others who go on about modifying the oil feed to the bearings. I do not subscribe to that school. It have found it absolutely bullet-proof with that setup.

Love to come to England. You'll have to get all of the T500 Racing Club members to contribute 10% of their membership fee to our fares, I'm broke now!!!!

cheers Murray

Wed, 11 Jun 1997
The project is coming along steady with a rear wheel now built, today I received a replacement drum for my GT750 front brake (first one sent was chipped) GT.500 forks and yolks (tripple clamps) now ready with trimmed down and polished sliders so I can now get the front wheel built. Avon AM22 & AM23 now purchased and front fitted

Date: 19 Jul 1997 23:46:20
From: Chris To: Murray Barnard
Subject: Re: The postie's been

Yo Muzza,

just reporting in to say that the Femsa arrived safely yesterday. I would be grateful for any information you have for setting the thing up. I cannot tell where the rotor needs to go in relation to the crank as there is no keyway !

Although its a bit on the heavy side it certainly is sturdy, I hope it never falls of during a race ! it would adopt the stance of a bouncing bomb....

Bob greenhill has got a milling cutter jigged up to run inside the crankcase of T500s using the mains as a rotating point for the tool. He then machines the crankcases perfectly round - around the crank webs and is then able to make stuffers cut from alu pipe to fit within a few thou of the crank. ( how about that )

Progress on the bike has been slow lately, now I have the ignition and as soon as the bloody ponds finished I can get cracking again. Hope your well and things are drying out a bit over there,

Your bestest fan ever,

Yo Muzza,

The Femsa's great, although heavier than I had imagined ( have you got one made in Titanium, Unobtanium,Dis-appearium, or Re-appearium ? ) Cos there much lighter.

I should have some good pics of my frame soon, as modified by outfit racer Tony Baker. A great welder and very clever engineer. I will let you have a one in due course. It may serve as an example for your apostles.


Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 21:09:10
From: Chris
Subject: Racing Suzuki T500's

Yo Muzza

Things have gone mighty quiet around here,
Thought I had better give you a shout.....
The Femsa is going to be O.K. I have been making a new mounting plate from Dural, and the motor is stripped again for more mods.

Rob Greenhill says thanks for putting his name up in technicolour and is enjoying the info I pass on to him.

Rob has offered to make me some stuffers, so I have to send him my crank-cases down to be machined to take them. (as were the factory racers) we thinks.

I have also introduced bob to Martin Crooks who is also interested in some stuffers. When we start the T500 Racing Association we may be looking for a president...Sir. Another development is that there may be a Post Classic event to be held with the Manx on the Isle of Man next year. This would mean you may see T500's racing once again around the Island.

In accordance with the tuning data sent in by A.G.C. I have got my brother-in-law on making some 2mm base gaskets out of sheet alloy using E.D.I. (Spark Erosion) and we hope to flog a few if we can.

Best Regards......Chris.

Stuffers for the crankcase

Stuffers fitted in the machined crankcase

From: chris bradley
To: [email protected]
Subject: T500 expansions
Yo Muzza,

I have also got some interesting formula from Rob Greenhill which was written by an Australian chap named Alexander Graham Bell.

My pipes look good but the formula suggests that my motor will peak at 5898 RPM.

I know you say that the pipes need to be long on a T500, but Mr.Greenhill reckons they should be about 1 metre from piston face to point of convergance of the baffle.

The T500 racing circle widened the other day when a journalist from Classic Motorcycle & Mechanics contacted Rob Greenhill. A guy called Don Leeson. He too has just built a T500 Racer. If he's on the net I will URL your website. We are trying to get a stand at the classic show next year for T500 racers, wouldnt that be something, you must get if we do it. Anyway theres a bit of interest brewing over here me thinks !


Lightweight crank and stuffers

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