Motorcycle Mechanics on the way to and at the Isle of Man - 1971
Part 3

Images and text drawn from MCM of August 1971

He hoped that he could also cut the silencer open, tap out the very bad groove and then "stitch" the silencer with the welding gear. But this didn't prove necessary as we were able to obtain a second-hand silencer.

Glass-fibre work. One of the problems in converting the Suzuki for racing was the fitting of the fairing. It took hours to align it correctly. drill all the necessary mounting-point holes and then get the screen to fit.

Therefore, Emie wasn't too pleased at the thought of having to do the job again. We bought a new fairing from Eddie Crooks. but Ernie repaired the old one! It saved a great deal of time and money and although we can't use the words "good as new" because the resin-bonded patches still show on the inside.

The fairing is now as strong as before and equally as efficient in protecting and streamlining the rider and bike.
Glass-fibre repairs are a doddle providing you follow the instructions properly. In fact, it is possible to make a repair which is almost undetectable. While the glass-fibre repair was setting, Emie got to work stripping the rest of the damaged components. After removing the front wheel and sending it off to the wheel-builders, it's really the only way for a good repair, the fork legs were dropped out of the steering head crowns.

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