Motorcycle Mechanics on the way to and at the Isle of Man - 1971
Part 4

Images and text drawn from MCM of August 1971

There is no way of bending fork stanchions straight and the only answer was renewal. However. there are some dealers who offer a fork-straightening service which may be used if the stanchions are not damaged too badly in the accident. With the wheels out, the mudguards front and rear were removed and Ernie''the hammer" Hall went to work gently tapping and shaping on a soft "former" surface (a block of wood) to avoid damaging the chrome. It worked a treat and. apart from a couple of barely visible marks. the mudguards are fully senriceable and almost as smart as new.

There's no doubt that Emie Hall has worked wonders on the MM Racing Show Suruki. and if anybody requires tuning or nice preparation work on their'bike. they can contact Ernie at 18 Blenheim Crescent. South Croydon. Surrey. Phone 01-686 6980.The work Emie did in this crash repair job obviously worked well. as we won our first Silver Replica in the TT Production Machine Race ...The story of Martyn Ashwood's exploits can be seen over the page.

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