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Last week;s winner - the Old Phart himself - Muzza

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This week's winner: Scott Fulwood


Wine guide for UFOBs:

Scott Fulwood has kindly conducted some research and his recommendation for the educated palate is a Guy and Thierry Fat Bastard Chardonnay...aged in oak for 4 months.....can only be quality! At least I was aged in Momma's aspic for 9 months!

Scott continues to conduct his research into the alcohol industry......



Affiliated MC Clubs


The UFOB MC Club is proud to welcome....X-Riders Motorcycle Club Phoenix Arizona aboard. X-Riders have reciprocal membership rights with the UFOB MCC. Makes you wonder how many ugly fat bastards there are in the world!


The UFOB MCC is equally proud to welcome.....The Fat Bastards MCC (Australia) Canberra Chapter aboard. The Fat Bastards of Australia now enjoy reciprocal rights with the UFOB MCC. The honour roll of Fat Bastards is growing!


German Chapter established with own logo!
Michael Simmendinger has been busy and produced this logo design for the
Motorrad Club der hässlichen, fetten, alten Bastarde!
That name has a fine ring to it.......good one Simmi....




This could lead to other Chapters also producing their own logos....I fear!
Yorkshire Chapter
Not to be outdone Frank Barlow (UFOB 0073) has produced the Yorkshire Chapter logo...
What a ripper Frank...a Yorkshire ripper!
My only worry is what the Lancastrian Chapter will come up with now!




Fat Bastard Photo Gallery


Fat Bastard drools over Mick's NSR


Fat Bastard at work



Mrs Fat Bastard - Miss Blackpool 1953



Fat Bastard at the beach

Fat Bastard at the Solarium





.......and thanks to Fang.....for the many moods of a Fat Bastard.....




The Fat Bastard in his old Army days...



and, the late Peter Sellers is the Army Days lookalike winner for this week



The Dr Strangelove lookalike competition has been won by the Supreme Phart himself.


UFOB writing competition

The best written composition by a UFOB wins a week in Guantanamo Bay...send your entries in now......

First contestant is UFOB #42 John Irvine from NZ...his entry...


"Will there be Harley's in heaven?"






UFOB Picture of the Year


 AnorexiaNervosa (UFOB0051) in full flight!

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