CR 750 Honda racing at Wanneroo Raceway 1974

Chassis and Running Gear:
Frame: Duplex tubular
Wheelbase: 1473.2mm (58 inches)
Front suspension: Telescopic fork
Rear suspension: Swingarm twin shock
Front tyre: 3.50x18
Rear tyre: 4.25x18
Front brake: Twin 280mm hydraulic disks
Rear brake: Single 240mm 2ls drum brake

Dry weight: 174.6 kg

Performance: 90ps at 9,700rpm
Maximum speed: 261kmh
Year of manufacture: 1969

CR 750 Honda twin leading shoe back brake


Dick Mann blasts away at the start of the 1970 Daytona 200

Dick Mann on his way to victory at the 1970 Daytona 200

Honda was looking for some race success to boost its CB750 sales
British rider Bill Smith was approached to get a team together for
the 1970 Daytona 200. Bill tested the race bikes at Oulton park in
January 1970. They were "beautiful, made of titanium and super quick."
The team consisted of Bill Smith, Tommy Robb, Ralph Bryans and Dick Mann.
Honda gave them 4 bikes with different specifications on the camshafts.
One had 96hp, two had 92 and another had 89.

The Daytona winning CR750

The Hondas were highly tuned and breaking their cam chains. At those speeds
on the banking it was very dangerous. They also had severe handling problems
especially as they were approaching 180mph.

Ralph Bryans got into big trouble in practice when his back wheel stepped out
on the banking and hit the wall, jack knifing and tumbling down into the infield.
The fuel tank was ruptured and the bike caught fire.

In the race, Smith broke a cam chain before the start, Bryans broke a chain
after 4 laps and so did Robb soon after. Dick Mann briefly led then settled
into riding a steady race and eventually won by 10 seconds giving Honda
its desperately sought victory.

1997 Murray Barnard