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The following pics are of Honda Australia's CR750 which is now in the Honda Museum

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Aussie Post Classic racer Stewart Ross

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Email received from Alec Millett (a Classic Motorcycling internet pal):
"I visited your neat CR pages tonight and noticed a section re a Honda Australia CR that is now in the Honda Museum. The guy that took the photos (and is astride the bike) is former Aussie Post-Classic racer Stewart Ross ([email protected]). In fact, this section of pics (and other CR pics Stewart took at the same time) are on (visit the section 'Honda CYB350 replica Stewart Ross'. You'll also see a reference to my CB72 below Stewart's).

Joep's choice of camchain is, I suggest, not the best. Even the factory racing chain, although good at the time, is no match for today's metallurgy. I would suggest Joep head straight for a reputable go-kart shop and buy the latest DID Gold-Gold 219 chain for around $46. I tried the rectangular sideplate 219FTS which, putting it plainly, was total crap yet Honda recommend it (well, at least the guy at the shop did) - don't use it. The kart DID Gold-Gold pins are large diameter high tensile and the sideplates (although scalloped) are nice and thick. For $46 it's criminally dirt-cheap insurance. You can also buy stainless 219 chain which is supposedly stronger again but the price is right up there. Sure, if Joep wants it 100% original, no problem, but is he wants to start it and have peace of mind - get the kart chain ASAP.

Thanks for the info from Alec Millett.
Clears up a couple of the photos for me. The advice on the cam chain is certainly worth noting as well."

Sorry if I don't acknowledge sources but my cataloguing is a mess.
These pics have come from a variety of sources and I don't know
now where they originally came from.
If anyone recognises a photo please let me know and I can then
correctly attribute the picture and provide a link.

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