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Bike belonging to Mark McGrew. That's Adam Popp driving and the guy with beard and glasses is Mark. True Veterans, both of them. A couple AHRMA F750 Championships and wins at Daytona under their belts. Mark was there in the early 1970s working on Hondas so he knows a bit about the Race Bikes. He builds "true" CR750 replicas for collectors as well as class legal racers. He does an awesome CR450 and several other racing Honda replicas also.
      M3 Racing has been investing a lot of time and money, racing and setting up shop to build/sell these replicas.

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Dick Mann - winner of the 1970 Daytona 200 on a CR750 Honda

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Sorry if I don't always acknowledge sources but my cataloguing is a mess.
These pics have come from a variety of sources and I don't know
now where they originally came from.
If anyone recognises a photo please let me know and I can then
correctly attribute the picture and provide a link.

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