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Music to Die For

Father and son technoboppers Howlin' Aarnie and Pigbelly Daddy offer frustrated Youtube, Google Video and whatever fanatics the chance to download music tracks for their video creations, free of charge, free of royalty restrictions, free of limitations, free of copyright, free of whatever dude.

You can download and use these music tracks on your own videos. If you like you can give Howlin' Aarnie and Pigbelly Daddy credit. That would be nice.

If you like our music or even just wanna drop us a line then feel free.

If you hate our music, well and good, just don't write to us. We have enough of a problem getting out of bed as it is, thanks!

Have fun guys.


Music Files (mp3) - right click to download

Variations Opus 1 (0.58)

Variations Opus 2 (0.28)

Variations Opus 3 (2.24)

Rumble in the Jungle (1.05)

Erratica (1.17)

Tubular (2.28)

Pertubation (1.51)

Wigmen (2.02)

Drummad (1.19)

Stringemup (4.46)

Outerlimits (1.22)

Beatupmix (2.22)

Ensemble (2.38)

Ensemble2 (2.36)

Testingtimes (0.57)


All Compositions by Howlin' Aarnie and Pigbelly Daddy (2008)


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