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Wayne's CB750 Four


Re the pics - "The one on the grass is when I first got it, a couple of work in progress and a couple of the pipes. The other one is after returning home from the Annual Vintage Bike Swap Meet in Long Beach, Ca. It rained so hard I could barely see a couple hundred feet. I have foam air filters and they kept loading up with water. I mashed them up against the carbs one at a time to squeeze out the water and kept on trucking.

About 3 hours out, I was ton up and looked to my left and there was a Highway Patrol!!!   I looked at the cop, checked the speedo (115mph), looked back at the Cop, nodded my head and slowed to 55mph and he went on ;-)

I took an hour break for some rum and coffee as I was starting to get wet. I made the run home in 5 and a half hours (450 miles). A great road bike above 80 (in third), way too much port and cam though for the heavy/slow traffic in San Francisco.

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      I'm doing up a hack with one now. A HOT TIP..! I used the Hondamatic frame from my 76 CB750A. I can pull the head and rebuild the top end with the motor in the frame!!! I haven't checked chain alignment yet but it bolted in (no mods) and I pulled the head and jugs with/out taking it out first.
You might like the pipes with their 30sum odd welds. An Older Gent called it "Scientific Header" and told me "It was the only road race pipe available 'off the shelf' back when he was racing in the Florida Area."
  The Bodyworks are believed to be RICKMAN, but I can't find any photos of the Tank. It's a bit like a stretch-out Atlas tank (30 inches overall). I have MRD and Vetter America pamphlets and a RICKMAN Assy book for their CR kits :-} The tank is not in any of them. An Arias 895cc kit is installed too (static at this point)

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Can anyone identify the tank - is it Read Titan?


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