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Engine Alpino OHV 48cc Prototype "Four Stroke."  from the ALPINO Factory, in Stradella, Milano.

Sent to ALPINO EDELWEISS, licensed Factory of Argentina for the ALPINO, MI-VAL & RUMI Products, not long before, the factory closed its doors forever. The Engine, is the last of the of the four stroke machine,but the Factory of San Justo City, also close the doors. The prototype is abandoned, in an obscure warehouse of the Official Custom Office (Aduana), for aproximatelly, fifteen years. In the mid seventies, a great lot of spare parts, of the three different Italian marks (Alpino-Mival-Rumi) were sold, with the small engine included, in one Official General Auction. The new owner in times of this auction, is a dealer of Motorcycles & Spare Parts, also, here, recognized as a private Motorcyclist Racing Diver of the late forties.

The small Alpino, remains today, 0 Kilometers-0 Miles, new, in perfect state of conservation. Today, I send to you the pictures of the OHV Engine, and picture of one Official Machine of the Edelweiss Racing Team, with dolphin fairing, in the time of splendor.

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