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SuperTwin 1100

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Racing is the soul of this bike. It was exclusively designed as a racing bike, fitted with the GUZZI motor. It won 9 victories in 32 races and the Italian Supertwins Championship in 1996. The SUPERTWIN 1100 is exactly the same as the racing version, with the same frame, setup, and legendary GUZZI motor. It is fit and approved for road use, and improved with the best technical innovations.

Its mechanical and aesthetic personality commands a place in the history of motorcycling. In this version it is fueled by a WEBER-MARELLI electronic injection; the new mapping of the fueling diagram and the long collectors of the exhaust pipes on the SUPERTWIN 1100 enrich the performance, the torque always vigorous even at low rpm.

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The whole bike is built for lightness, with reduced frontal cross section thanks to the frame which wraps perfectly around the engine.The design gives rounded yet aggressive lines at the same time, with the deep hollows in the tank and the tapered tail which points upward over the two large silencers.This blend of lines and volumes exalts both aerodynamic efficiency and the grit of the powerful mechanics.

The frame is a overhung monobeam in highly resistant steel where the motor has a bearing role.The central element of the frame is the bar which passes between the V of the cylinders and connects the steering column to the cross bar which hosts the swingarm support plates.The airbox stands inside the frame, contributing to the rigidity of the structure leaving the mechanics accessible.

The frame is TIG welded.

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A worldwide novelty. Perimeter brakes on the front wheel, produced by BRAKING, lighter than the standard ones. The results are said to be exceptional: "braking is faster, more flexible and sensitive, the straightening effect when you are braking in curve is notably reduced". The front brake is a dual perimeter 420mm stainless steel disk with 4 piston calipers; the rear one is a classic single drilled 240mm with 4 piston calipers.

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The exhaust pipe, in 1 mm. stainless steel still allows the motor maximum “expression”.

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The front fork is a telescopic, 41mm upside down PAIOLI with 120mm movement.

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The BITUBO hydraulic mono shock absorber is the same adopted for racing bikes, adjustable with 120mm movement.

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