Martin Hone - Trease-Harley Classic Racer

Based on a combination of 1959 Harley Sportster crankcases and a 1961 Harley Panhead cylinders, the resultant engine was initially housed in copy of a 1961 Harley factory prototype race frame, with blueprints supplied directly by Ed Zylstra, the father of the legendary Harley XR-750 racers. Although light, the frame was not able to handle the immense torque of the 1150cc engine, so a Norton Featherbed-style frame was constructed, and after constant improvements and strengthening, has proven capable of handling close to 130 rear wheel horsepower.

Initial and on-going development issues with the frame and suspension, plus engine,  limited the bikes results for a number of years. The engine has always been strong and reliable, but issues with ignition and carburation have been its Archilles Heel, but most have been resolved by the end of 2005. At the time of writing, ( 2008) the machine is the current holder of the Australian Unlimited Historic Championship and the class lap record at the Phillip Island International Circuit.

Ed. impressive machine martin, thanks for sharing pics and info

Geelong Speed Trials

Phillip Island

Peter Guest and Martin Hone (Image by Stephen piper -

Southern Classic Winton

Geelong Speed Trials

Southern Classic

Winton Pics (2008)

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