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If you have any classic motorcycling pictures or stories to tell and you would like to share them then please send them to me and I will add them to this site


Murray Barnard - Gibb River Road Kimberley Western Australia - Moto Guzzi le Mans


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Classic Motorcycling Features

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The A-Z of motorcycles

A comprehensive list of all the world's motorcycles. Well nearly all. Every motorcycle I can find, with pics and text. The original motorcyclopaedia of the net! 10 years online. A never ending project to document every motorcycle ever made. The most comprehensive coverage on the net.

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Click on the link and select a letter of the alphabet for a list of marques and bikes:

The A-Z of motorcycles

Aaen - Azzaratti, Bac -Byron Special, Cabrera - CZ, Daelim - Dyson-Motorette, EA - Eysink, Fabianski - FVL, G&B - G&W, Hack - Hyosung, Ibis - Izhmash, Jac - Jurisch, K&W - KZ, L300 - Lybe Spring Drive, M42/LV - MZ, Nacional - NZeta, O&L - Oztrikes, P&M - PZI, Quadrant - Quirks, R&B - Rys, Saci - Syphax, T-JAP - Typhoon, Ude - Utility, V8 - Vylea, Wabo - Wysecycle, Zingfu - Xtra, Y2K - YZR, Zabel - ZZR


Ugly Fat Old Bastard's MC

The motorcycle club for everyman/woman - Join here

View pictures of the Fat Bastard here

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Classic Pick of the Pics

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Birds on Bikes - a nostalgia trip

The beautiful birds of Bikedom

The Fat Old Bastard's Pick of the Pics


The girls I never knew! Birds on Bikes and Miss Two Wheels - a nostalgia trip to the late 60s and early 70's 


Virtual Museum and Photo-Gallery

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To whet your appetite a virtual museum of motorcycles


A-Z of Australian Motorcycles

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A-Z of Russian Motorcycles

Introduction to Australian motorcycles and a list of Russian manufacturers


Aarnie's Crash and Burn

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Crash and Burn
Wheelies and stoppies
Motorcycle Weirdos page
Speed camera shots
Breath-taking jump pics
Aarnie's mates' contributions

Classic Crash and Burn
GP and Superbike crash and burn
Jamie Witham's crash and burn
Sidecars -  the wild Soutar crash!!!
Australian Superbikes - Calder  Pileup
Dragging Buells
Aarnie's Borrowed Photogallery


Roland's Choice

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Bikes from the UK National Motorcycle Museum
Bikes from the Austrian Motorcycle Museum
Roland's Story
Roland's Alpine Adventure
Bike Show at Ydds in Austria
Some more pics from the UK and Brooklands
Moto Guzzi
Royal Enfield Meteor
TDM 850 Yamaha

Oldtimer Museum - Ardagger Stift Austria


Photo Galleries

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The Classic Japanese Connection
Bultaco Photo Gallery
Classic Racing PhotoGallery
Classic Hondas of the 60s
Classic Racing Pics of the 70s

Honda CB750 Four
Reynolds-Alberta Transportation Museum
On the Block - Bike gallery
Peterborough South Australia Motorcycle Museum
Bicheno Tasmania Motorcycle Museum
Arthur Grady Ride
MV Agusta 750S
Moto Italian Oveste
Classic racers -
Oldebroek The Netherlands
Classic bikes and racers by Bas Vollink
Historic Racebikes - Wanneroo Australia


Feature Items

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George Formby - On The Limit
Across Australia -  by Harley Davidson in 1926
Across Australia - by Kawasaki 175cc F7 in 1972
Boys Own Adventure - by Yamaha 100 in 1970
Police Carnival in 1935
The Ducati Alchemy
Motorcycles in Nepal
Motorcycles in Thailand
Bike Links
König Racer
Why buy a Truck?
The Scitsu


The Big Cat -  Panther articles and photo galleries

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Panther Photo Page
1931 Panther Catalogue
Pal and Panther
650cc Model 120 Panther
250cc Model 40 Panther
500cc Model 90 Panther
Model 65 Stroud Replica
Panthers I've caught
The Swedish connection - the Svalan


The Eagle Has Landed - Moto Guzzi articles and photo galleries

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Moto Guzzi Photo Gallery
Moto Guzzi Photo Gallery 2
Moto Guzzi Photo Gallery 3
Moto Guzzi Photo Gallery 4
Moto Guzzi in the Kimberley
Moto Guzzi in Arizona
Roland Sorgner's GT850
Moto Guzzi 500 Monza
1924 500 4 Valve Racer
Moto Guzzi Magni Racer
Moto Guzzi California
Moto Guzzi Daytona
Moto Guzzi Cavalcade
Racing Daytona 1000
Triking Guzzi
Moto Guzzi V-Eight
1936 Moto Guzzi GTV 500
Ghezzi & Brian 1100
Moto Guzzi 3X3


Military Motorcycles and Sidecars

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To war on a bike


Top 100 Motorcycles 

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Pictures and text on the 20th Century's greatest bikes

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My column in MCNEWS -
Articles on classic motorcycling from MCNEWS.COM.AU

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Jarno Saarinen - World's greatest racer?
Bimota Beginnings
Motorcycle Museums in South Australia
Sidevalve slogger - the BSA M21
Indian 841 - military side vlave shaft drive prototype
Moto Guzzi V8

Suzuki Compendium



The Suzuki 2 Stroke Fans Website
Riding and racing T/GT500, GT380, GT550, GT750. TR250/500/750 Suzukis and more

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Titan and GT500
TR500 racer
Hi-Tac Suzuki
Jada Suzuki
Foale Suzuki
Crooks Suzuki
Frank Whiteway
Jack Findlay
MCM at IOM 1971
Photo Galleries
Race preparation
Technical stuff
Readers write
Readers bikes
Mailing List

T&GT Suzuki Owners Register
Pic of the Week
Suzuki 2stroke Bulletin Board
Various Suzuki 2 strokes
GT750 Suzuki
TR750 Suzuki
T20 Suzuki 250
Suzuki parts - suppliers


Classic Racing Motorcycles

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Martin Hone - Treese Harley Classic Racer
Theo's Pit Bay -A miscellany of classic machines

Gazza's Pit Bay from Crofts
Glen's Pit Bay - A collection of New Zealand racing machines
Pics from Argentina
Georges' gallery - from France

Gilera GP Bikes
Honda GP Bikes
MV Agusta GP Bikes
Moto Guzzi GP Bikes
Yamaha GP Bikes
Kawasaki GP Bikes
Norton GP Bikes
Suzuki GP Bikes
The Suzuki 500 Jada
The CR750 Honda Daytona Kit Bike
The Foale Suzuki
The Suzuki TR500
The Widowmaker - the Kawasaki H1R
The Kawasaki H2R/KR750 Green Meanies
1924 Moto Guzzi 4 Valve Racer
The Magni Guzzi Australia
The Suzuki TR750 Flexi-flier
The Parilla 250
The Shuttleworth Snap
Sterzi 50cc OHC


Barry Sheene Tribute

Tribute to Classic Racing Motorcyclists

pics8.jpg (2955 bytes)

Click on a letter for a list of riders (pilots) and pics. Alphabetically sorted.

Also memorial site for those who have lost their lives in GP and related accidents


Grand Prix World Champions

pics18.jpg (2867 bytes)

Complete list of
Grand Prix World Champions

World Superbike Champions

Isle of Man TT Winners

Formula  750 Champions

pics17.jpg (3652 bytes)

List of World Champions

List of winners

List of champions







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