The Twin cylinder "Production" Racers

This page is intended to provide coverage of the Honda twin cam racing twins that are related to the road bikes.

Early sixties bikes such as the CR93 125cc Benly, the CR72 250cc and CR77 305cc were popular and successful bikes of the period. They were gradually usurped by the development of two stroke twins; mainly from Yamaha and Suzuki who built on East German two stroke expertise.

The main advantage the Hondas had for the racer of the day was that, unlike the early air-cooled two strokes, they did not tighten up and seize! Most two stroke riders of the day rode with at least a couple of fingers over the clutch lever! The other advantage for the public was the Hondas sounded wonderful.

 In the Grand Prix arena Honda held off the opposition by increasing the number of cylinders from two to four to five (125cc) and eventually to the wonderful six cylinder 250cc which was also over-bored for the 350cc class.

This page will  eventually cover pictures of the less exotic twins when I have tracked some down.

In the meantime I have included a couple of pictures I have taken at Scarborough in 1996 of a Honda 125cc four cylinder machine which was raced by Luigi Taveri in the sixties.

Honda CR93 Benly Production Racer

This bike fetched 14,000 at auction!

Picture Les Johnston

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