The Honda Four!

By 1968 Honda were to amaze the world (and probably dismay Kawasaki who were well advanced with their four cylinder bike)  by anouncing their CB750 four at the 1968 Tokyo show. With a 68bhp ohc engine, disc brake, very sexy four into four exhaust system and 125 mph performance it was a winner straight out of the crate. A British twin or triple could outhandle it and there were more sportier bikes around but for value, image and reliability it was the bike to have!

This was not the first four by any stretch of the imagination. There had been several British fours (with the Ariel square four being the most successful) and also bikes from Nimbus in Denmark and Indian in the USA.

This four was special, it was a landmark that set the standard for what became known as super-bikes for the next ten years. It also put nearly the last nail in the coffin of the British bike industry who had been relying on its control of the big bike market to earn a living with warmed over push rod twins and triples.

Honda already had a market for its bikes with customers who had come to expect reliable oil-tight bikes and wanted something bigger as they became older, richer and required more performance. The CB750 was the answer to everybody's dreams and a pretty affordable one at that!

1971 CB750K1

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