The 1960's were a period of massive growth and development for Honda. In less than a decade they developed a range of road bikes that went from the eccentric but reliable C range with their leading link forks to the 125mph CB750 Four.

Similarly the racers went from also-rans to the forefront of 4-stroke technology in about six years!

Developing from a bevel gear driven semi-dirt track racer (unknown source) to world beating 2,4,5 & 6 cylinder bikes.  

The sixties were definitely Hondas golden age when they  made bikes that were at the forefront of technology and were not built down to a price. Somewhere in the seventies middle age spread set in and they lost the plot.

Heavy boring bikes, cam drive problems and bad publicity for the new V4's came to a head in the early eighties when they got a grip and produced the VFR750 gear driven V4 sports bike, CBR 600 and then the Fireblade.

Golden age two had arrived!

Created by Keith Napier 1997,1998

Photos Keith Napier, Les Johnston except unknown