The Benlys!

The Honda Benly range included one of the most radical road going bikes of the era: the CB92 Benly Super Sport.

With a claimed 15 bhp at 10,500 rpm, an enormous front 2LS brake and styling like nothing on the planet. It was a sensation! There is also a Benly Super Sports Racer with a sports seat and megaphones and an extra claimed 1bhp. The Benly Sports is one of the most collectable of the Honda range today and, being honest, for the average sized biker one of the least usable. But many people have them just to look at, and why not, they are a styling masterpiece! Many have gone back home to Japan and they are becoming increasingly rare over here.

The touring version (C92) is in the Honda Dream square-style mould and they are a lot of fun for about 20% of the cost of the Benly Sports.

The C95 is a slightly larger engined version of the C92 with a 154cc engine to provide a little more power.

The Honda CB160 appeared at the end of 1964 with another small SOHC engine this time of 161cc but with twin carburettors, a conventional sports frame and twin leading shoe front brake. It was like a scaled down Honda Hawk and was popular for its lower cost.

Image CB 92 at Stafford

Image Red CB92 Brands Hatch


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