Honda CB72 and CB77 - Hawk and Super Hawk!

This is the first range of what could be called the Honda's modern sports bikes. All the ingredients were there.With telescopic forks, twin carburettors, twin leading shoe brakes, 12v electric starting and approximately 100mph performance (for the CB 77) these bike were of a new generation.

At 350lbs they were no lightweights! The main difference between the two models was displacement - 247cc for the CB72: 305cc for the CB77. Carb sizes of the larger bike were 2mm bigger. The Honda CB77 or, Super Hawk in the States, remained the largest bike in the Honda line-up until the Honda CB450 arrived in 1965/66.

A lot of tuning accessories were available for these bikes and a common upgrade was an overbore kit with new liners and pistons to take the engine size up to about 340cc.

The ultimate oversized version of this engine came from Italy when Laverda developed a 750cc twin that looks like the Hawk engine having been put through a photocopier on 150% enlargement!