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After quite a climb we break out of the narrow valley of the Kali Gandaki just north of Kalopani. Here the river valley is broad and ancient and the mountains soar high into the clouds. The valley here is the deepest river valley in the world with Dhaulagiri to the west and Annapurna to the east, both soaring over 8,000m above the valley floor. Unfortunately for us the view is hidden by cloud and a cold wind blows upon us and we are soaked by constant drizzle.

Marpha in the early morning. freezing cold after snow fell during the night. The peaks around this amazing place are spectacular.

Local ponies with colourful saddle blankets wait in the cold main pathway in Marpha. All trekkers along the Jomsom route pass by here. Marpha is the tidiest looking town along the entire route.

On the outskirts of Marpha, Bhuddist monks and local women carry the holy books around the town in an annual ceremony

Looking south along the Kali Gandaki, a few hours north of Marpha.

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