Nepal - A Motorcycling Experience

The most efficient means of transport in Nepal

Nepal is a land of great contrasts. The country has the world's highest mountains, snow, tropical jungles, high altitude deserts and fast flowing rivers and dirty crowded cities. Kathmandu is not a pretty sight. It is a jumble of precariously built concrete boxes and the air is filthy. Pollution is a major problem for this city of 2 million people which is nestled beside tall mountains in a valley which does not benefit from daily refreshing breezes.

The Hero Honda 125cc is everywhere in various forms, though the locals suggest at 65,000 rupees (aprox A$1325 or US$1050) it is too expensive as it is not powerful enough for the hills with 2 or more people aboard.

Kawasaki four stroke 100cc single built in India

The roads in Nepal are appalling by our standards but they must be a modern miracle to the locals who can now avoid much of the back-breaking toil portering loads up and down mountains.

The flashiest 4 stroke I saw. The Sanyang Bonus MB125A boasted"Excellent safety attractive 4 stroke cell motor" on it's side cover!

The Yezdi Roadking. An Indian built 250 twinport single

The Dailim VS125 4 valve cruiser!

The "big capacity" 170cc Hyosung. Oil-coooled motor which boasted on its sidecover - "Safe and joyful motor life - American Classic Cruise."

An old Yamaha trail-bike and a Honda by Lake Phewa in Pokhara.

The ubiqitious Indian Enfield. Cleary the bike of of class in Nepal. It has presence, sounds big and looks expensive. A 350cc model here, 500cc models are available but are claimed to be not as good. A bike which is slow and prone to problems but it is probably well suited to the primitive roads and low speeds attained in Nepal.

By far the most popular bike in Nepal. At 80,000 rupees not the cheapest but it's 125cc engine is strong and reliable. Comes in various forms - the Escort, the Rajdoot or as a Yamaha. All built under license in India.

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