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Family outing in Pokhara

To Western eyes Nepali traffic is totally chaotic. They have no lane control, pass on blind corners and use their horns continuously. But in a land where everything shares the roads it all makes sense. Cows, children, trucks, buses, touts, street stalls, entertainers all crowd the street and surprisingly it all seems to work.

An Indian built Suzuki. Also variuosly known as TVS-Suzuki or Ind-Suzuki.

Jialing 125cc CDI ignition 4 stroke single.

Kathmandu is jam-packed with motorcycles.

You can readily hire motorcycles in Nepal, but beware. The roads are bad, there are numerous road hazards, the helmet provided is inferior and the Nepali hospital system is something to be avoided at all costs. I don't know what third party protection you would have either. Make sure that you have good travel insurance. Hire costs vary on how well you can bargain but 400-500 rupees per day is not unusual. Petrol is cheap.

Kawasaki 100cc 2 stroke single

Neat looking 125cc 4 stroke Kymco in Pokhara

Advertising in Kathmandu. "Nepal's mileage champion, 87 kmpl Bajaj. With free maintenance for 1 full year. Bagmati Engineering Works".

Qingqi motorcycle made in Jinan China. K100 Suzuki motor in flash clothing.

Sanyang 125cc MIII with CDI ignition.

Suzuki 125cc in very modern styling for Nepal

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