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Australian Discovery
by Ernest Scott
Professor of History
in the University of Melbourne

Published in 1929. An excellent description of the voyages of discovery of the Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, French and English. Read of the wrecks and disasters on the West coast hundreds of years before Cook reached the East Coast. Also has extensive coverage of discovery on land from Blaxland to Stuart. Engaging extracts from explorer's journals never better presented than in this collection by the eminent Australian historian Ernest Scott.

  Introduction, Acknowledgment, Works of Reference
  Principal Dates
I. Terra Australis Incognita
II. Torres and Quiros
III. Tasman's Discovery of Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand
IV. Governor-General Van Diemen's Report
V. Tasman's Instructions
VI. Pelsart and the Wreck of the Batavia
VII. Dutch Sailing Directions 
VIII. Dutch Account of New Holland and Van Diemen's Land 
IX. Dampier's Voyage in the Cygnet 
X. Dampier's Voyage in the Roebuck 
XI. Cook in New Zealand 
XII. Cook's Discovery of Eastern Australia 
XIII. Bligh's Account of the Bounty Mutiny 
XIV. Lapérouse in the Pacific 
XV. The Discovery of Bass Strait 
XVI. Flinders' Discovery of Southern Australia 
   List of Illustrations
  Captain James Cook F.R.S.
  Ferdinand Majellan
  Anthony van Diemen
  Sir Francis Drake
  George Bass
  Captain Matthew Flinders R.N.
  Tasman's Chart of 1644
  Dampier's Map of New Holland, 1699
  The World According to Ptolemy
  Part of Desceliers' Map, 1550
  Routes of Mendaña (1595), Quiros (1606), and Torres (1606)
  Orbis Terrarum Ortelius, 1589
  Thevenot's Map of New Holland, Paris 1663
  Chart of Part of the South Sea, Signed by James Cook [1771]
  A Map of the World, London 1598


  Introduction, Works of Reference
  List of Principal Dates
I. Blaxland's Story of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains
II. Evans's Journal of his Journey to the Bathurst Plains
III. Governor Macquarie's Report on the Country Beyond the Mountains
IV. Evans's Discovery of the Lachlan
V. Oxley's Exploration of the Lachlan
VI. Oxley's Exploration of the Macquarie
VII. Evans's Discovery of the Castlereagh
VIII. Allan Cunningham's Explorations
IX. Hume and Hovell's Journey to Port Phillip
X. Lockyer's Exploration of the Brisbane River
XI. Sturt's Discovery of the Darling
XII. Sturt's Discovery of the Murray
XIII. Mitchell's Exploration of Australia Felix
XIV. Sturt's Journey into Central Australia
XV. Eyre's Journey from Fowler's Bay to Albany
XVI. The Burke and Wills Expedition
XVII. Stuart's Journey to the Centre of Australia
XVIII. Stuart's Journey Across the Continent
  List of Illustrations
  Lachlan Macquarie
  John Oxley
  Charles Sturt, Aged 73
  Edward John Eyre
  Robert O'Hara Burke
  William John Wills
  Evan's Route, Nov.-Dec., 1813, and Jan., 1814
  Oxley's Routes 1817-18
  Cunningham's Route, April-May-June, 1823
  Sturt's Discoveries, 1828-9 and 1829-30
  Sturt's Diagram of the Sea Mouth of the Murray
  The River Darling, 1838
  Mouth of the Glenelg
  Sturt's Expedition into Central Australia, 1844-5-6
  Burke and Wills's Route to the Gulf of Carpentaria, 1861
  Stuart's Route Across Australia, 1862

All examples at reduced scale





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