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The Cambridge Modern History Atlas

 Edited by Sir Adolphus William Ward, G.W. Prothero, Sir Stanley Mordaunt Leathes, and E.A. Benians. Cambridge University Press; London. 1912.

All examples at reduced scale



  • Europe 1490
  • The Age of Discovery
  • The Ottoman Advance in Europe and Asia Minor 
  • Italy, c. 1490 - Inset: Valley of the Po.
  • The Empire showing the Division into Circles
  • The Burgundian Lands
  • The Iberian Peninsula in the time of Ferdinand and Isabel
  • France Under Louis XI
  • Universities of Europe
  • Dominions of the House of Habsburg in Europe at the Abdication of Charles V
  • Eastern Frontier of France. Wars of France and the Empire, 1521-59
  • Germany at the Accession of Charles V
  • Southern Germany and England. The Peasant Movements of the Sixteenth and early Seventeenth Centuries.
  • Germany. The Schmalkaldic War.
  • The Swiss Confederation.
  • England and Wales under the Tudors
  • Scandinavia in the time of Gustavus Vasa
  • Western and Central Europe The Progress of the Reformation of 1560
  • France The Religious Wars - Inset: The Neighbourhood of Paris
  • Poland and Lithuania The Union of Lublin 1569
  • Hungary at the end of the Sixteenth Century
  • The Netherlands The Wars of Independence
  • Scotland in the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries
  • Northeastern Atlantic Elizabethan Naval War
  • Savoy in 1601
  • Italy at the end of the Sixteenth Century
  • Ireland at the beginning of the Sixteenth Century
  • Religious Divisions of Germany c. 1610
  • Germany: The Thirty Years War 1619-1629, Campaigns in Bohemia, the Palatinate, Lower Saxony & Denmark
  • The Grisons (Graubunden) and the Valtelline
  • Germany: The Edict of Restitution 1629
  • Eastern Baltic and Northern Poland: Wars of Sweden with Poland and Russia 1560-1661
  • Germany: The Thirty Years War 1630-48, The Swedish Campaigns
  • England and Wales at the Outbreak of The Civil War
  • England and Wales after the Campaigns of 1644
  • England and Wales: The Civil War
  • Ireland 1558-1652
  • Ireland According to the Act of Settlement 26th September and Subsequent Orders
  • The Thirty Years War: The French War 1635-48 and the Dutch War with Spain 1620-48
  • Germany: The Peace of Westphalia
  • Europe in 1648
  • North Sea and English Channel: The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th Century
  • Portuguese, Dutch and English in the East c. 1650
  • Eastern Spain and Western Italy: The Franco-Spanish War 1635-59
  • The Netherlands and Western Germany: The Wars of 1648-1715
  • Eastern France: Territorial Acquisitions During the Reign of Louis XIV
  • Ireland 1660-1800
  • South Eastern Europe: Wars of Turkey with the Empire, Venice and Poland 1648-1739
  • Northern Italy: Wars of the Eighteenth Century 1701-1763
  • West European Waters: Anglo-French Naval Wars 1689-1763
  • Europe in 1721 after the Treaties of Utrecht & Nystad
  • Russia in 1725
  • The Baltic Lands 1661
  • Scandinavia, Russia and Poland: The Northern War, 1700-21 - Inset: Schleswig-Holstein
  • Brandenburg Prussia Expansion 1525-1648
  • Scotland and Northern England: Campaigns of the Pretenders
  • Central Europe: Wars of Frederick the Great
  • Poland: The Partitions
  • Prussia: Territorial Expansion 1648-1795
  • Austrian Empire: Exclusive of Italian Posessions and the Austrian Netherlands. Territorial Changes 1648-1795
  • Russia: Territorial Expansion 1725-1795
  • The Empire and the Netherlands c. 1792
  • Europe in 1792
  • India: The Beginnings of the British Dominion
  • Africa in the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries - The Gold and Slave Coasts
  • European Colonisation in North America to 1700 
  • French Expansion and British Conquests in North America to 1763 - Inset: Quebec
  • The Thirteen Colonies at the End of the Colonial Period
  • West Indies in 1763
  • Eastern North America in 1812: The War of Independence and the War of 1812-14 - Inset: Boston
  • Mexico and Texas: 1845-1848
  • Expansion of the United States
  • The United States: The Secession
  • The Civil War in the United States
  • The West Indies and the Philippine Islands: The Spanish American War
  • United States: Distribution of Population & Principal Railways in 1850
  • United States: Distribution of Population & Principal Railways in 1900
  • United States Economic Regions
  • France before the Revolution
  • Paris during the Revolution
  • Eastern Frontier of France: Revolutionary Campaigns 1792-5
  • Britanny and Vendee
  • Northern Italy: Bonaparte's Campaign 1796-7
  • Central Europe after the Peace of Basel and of Campo Formio
  • Egypt and Syria
  • Italy in 1799
  • European Waters: Naval Wars 1792-1815 - Inset: The French and Flemish Coast
  • South West Germany and North Italy: The War of the Second Coalition 1798-1801
  • Central Europe 1803 after the Peace of Luneville 1801 and the Secularisations 1803
  • Switzerland under the Act of Mediation, 1803
  • Central Europe: Wars of the Third Coalition 1805-7 - Inset: The Neigborhood of Austerlitz
  • Central Europe: The Austin War 1809 Inset: Neighborhood of Vienna
  • French Empire and Central Europe 1811 Political Divisions
  • Spain and Portugal: The Peninsular War and other Wars of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries
  • Central Russia: The War of 1812
  • Germany and Eastern France: The War of Liberation 1813-1814 - Insets: The Neighbourhood of Paris and The Neighbourhood of Leipzig
  • North Eastern Frontier of France: The Waterloo Campaign
  • India in 1804: The Mysore & Maratha Wars 1792-1804
  • The Eastern World: European Colonies and Dependencies 1815
  • The Western World: European Colonies and Dependencies 1815
  • Europe after the Congress of Vienna
  • France since 1814
  • Italy since 1815: The Struggle for Unity Inset: Stages in the Union of Italy 1859-70
  • Ottoman Empire in Europe 1792-1870
  • Spanish and Portuguese Settlements in America - Inset: Latin America after the Wars of Independence 1825
  • The Germanic Confederation 1815
  • Russia in Europe in the 19th Century - Inset: The Neigbourhood of Warsaw
  • The Netherlands 1815-39, Holland & Belgium since 1839
  • Ottoman Empire in Asia since 1792
  • The Austrian Dominions since 1815
  • Switzerland in the Nineteenth Century: The Sonderbund War
  • England and Wales: Parliamentary Representation in 1832 Before the Reform Bill
  • England and Wales: Parliamentary Representation in 1832 After the Reform Bill
  • The Black Sea: The Crimean War
  • Denmark and the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein: The War of 1864
  • Central Europe: The War of 1866 Inset: N.E. Bohemia
  • Eastern France: The Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 - Inset: Neighbourhood of Metz
  • Ottoman Empire in Europe 1870-8
  • The Balkan Peninsula 1878-1910
  • England and Wales 1649-1910
  • India in the 19th Century British Expansion 1805-1910
  • Northern India: The Mutiny 1857-9
  • The Western Frontier of India and Neighbouring Countries - Inset: Valley of The Kabul River
  • The Eastern Frontier of India and Neighbouring Countries: French and English Expansion 1805-1807
  • The Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
  • British North America 1840-67 Political Divisions in 1867 before Confederation - Insets: The Alaska Boundary and The Maine Boundary
  • The Austrailian Colonies in the 19th Century - Inset: Austrailia in 1851: The Early Settlements
  • The Dominion of New Zealand
  • Africa in 1910 Inset: Africa in 1870
  • Northwestern Africa French Colonisation
  • Egypt Under British Protection and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - Inset: Lower Egypt
  • South Africa sinch 1815: Kaffir and Boer Wars
  • West Indies and Central America 1910
  • South America 1910
  • Northern Asia: Russian Expansion in the XIXth century
  • The Japnese Empire: The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-5
  • The Chinese Empire 1910 - Inset: The Neighbourhood of Peking
  • The Pacific Ocean, 1910
  • The World: Colonial Possesions and Commercial Highways, 1910
  • Europe in 1910


    Wonderful coloured maps of the history of Europe and the rest of the World from 1490 - 1910
    An excellent reference source for the student or the history buff.



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