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Invasion Literature Compendium

This package includes the following Invasion Literature

Battle of Dorking by George Chesney

The Coming Invasion of England by August Niemann

When William Came by Saki

World peril of 1910 by George Griffiths

War of the Worlds - illustrated 1898 version - by HG Wells

The World Set Free - by HG Wells

Little Wars and Floor Games by HG Wells

The War in the Air by HG Wells

The Outlaws of the Air by George Griffiths

The Raid of the Le Vengeur - by George Griffiths

Angel of the Revolution - A Tale of the Forthcoming Terror by George Griffiths

Riddle of the Sands _ Erskine Childers

The Great War in England in 1897 - by William Le Queux

The Land Ironclads - by HG Wells

Olga Romanoff - The Syren of the Skies - by George Griffiths

The Swoop or How Clarence Saved England - PG Wodehouse

Banzai! - by Ferdinand Heinrich Grautoff


the following additional titles and a description of the Invasion Literature phenomenom:

1. The New Zealanders are Coming
by Prof. Blyde Muddersnook, P.O.Z.A.S.
From The Strand Magazine, September 1911
Illustrated by W.E. Wigfull

2. New Wars for Old

from Blackwood's magazine (1910)





Colonel Thomas Court Repington was characterized as "the best staff officer in the Army." A soldier of great promise, he had been widely seen as a potential chief of staff.

Repington seems to have been more than a bit rash and indiscreet, however. In particular, he had the misfortune to get involved with a married woman. The ensuing scandal led to his resignation in 1902, after which he found a new career as one of Britain's best-informed--and-best connected--military correspondents. He broke the news of the scandalous shell shortage of 1915.

3. The Ordeal of Dr Trifulgas
A Fantastic Tale

by Jules Verne



4. If London were Like New York

A Peek At The Metropolis After The American Invasion

From Harmsworth's Magazine (The London Magazine), February 1902


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I just received the Invasion Compendium today and I've copied the items onto my Kindle.  Wow, the stories look absolutely gripping.  I'll get started reading right now.

I can't wait for your next compilation.

Very best,



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