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Classic Suzuki Two Strokes Compendium

Get the Suzuki Two-strokes website  in downloadable format   - also includes parts manuals for T500 and GT500, service manuals for the T500 and the GT500 Technical Supplement.

Includes all technical data from the website plus much more - this downloadable compendium is chock full of all the 500 Suzuki material that you can view on the website and includes photos that are not on the website due to size constraints. Plus a selection of racing video clips of the T500 and TR500. Free access to years of experience with these machines and the most comprehensive information and galleries you can find.

Also extensive coverage of GT750, TR750, TR250, GT380, GT550, T250, T350 and other Suzuki two-strokes (as on the website). Any more data and this compendium will need to go out on DVD.  Value for this price and every download purchased helps keep the site online.

 Now available for immediate download .........go here to order.

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Available on CD by special order only

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