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Real Magic


Dr. Wayne W. Dyer,


4.99 Motivational Has personal anecdotes and true stories of miraculous change and healing, Dyer shows that magic doesn't have to be an illusion, magic is within the reach of all of us.  

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New York: Harper Collins, 1992 Soft Cover. Very Good. 1994.  ISBN:0-06-016678-9. 270pp
The Parent's Guide to Teenagers Leonard H Gross 4.99 Youth Over 300 Experts answer questions on Adolescent behaviour, health and emotions.

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Hard-cover, 1981 385 pages, x-l
The 50-50 Marriage Gayle Kimball 4.99 Marriage A study of equality in marriage

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Boston: Beacon Press, C1983 Hardback, VG , xlib  311 p. : 21 cm. ISBN: 080702726X.
Coping with Teenage Depression Kathleen McCoy 4.99 Depression, Drug Abuse, Suicide, Teenagers, Self-Help There is no use for teenagers in society today. They are not seen for who they are, but for what they can be. Confronted with the dissolution of family, the hostile commercialism of society, and the insecurity of relationships, threatened by fears of rejection, feelings of failure and of being different, and panicked by a sense of isolation, today's teenagers often turn inward. Depressive symptoms begin to manifest themselves. 

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New American Library ., Publishers ~~1st/1982 stated HC VG with jacket x-lib /265pp+66pp of references/sources for help/counselling/etc
Divorced Kids Warner Troyer 4.99 Divorce, children Children of divorce speak freely about split affections, lies they were told, lost innocence and dashed expectations.   

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Clarke, Irwin & Co. ; 1979  1st Edition  VG - x-lib. C 175+pp,

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