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World War 1 - Gallipoli and the Dardanelles


Facsimile ebook

Battlefields of ANZAC

On which the Australasians won Deathless Fame

by the Correspondent of the Age.

"A deeply interesting and historical series of views depicting the heroism of our gallant Anzac boys on the field of battle."

32 pp of rare and fascinating photos on the Australians and NZers at Gallipoli.

Introduction by Phillip F E Schuler

Printed 1916.


The eBook comprises a full copy of the original book capturing in high resolution each full page of text and illustrations. In addition each picture has been enlarged and enhanced individually and included on the disk to enable easy viewing.

A rare book which gives a different view of a compelling period of ANZAC history.

Illustrations shown are much reduced compared to those on the eBook



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