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World War 1 - Gallipoli



Australian Chivalry

 by Australian War Memorial

Published  1933


Reproductions in Colour and Duo-tone of Official War Paintings

Australian Chivalry is a large format commemorative book produced in the Depression (1933) by the Australian War Memorial. The book features Official War Artist paintings of the Great War.

52 plates with description


Landing at Kabakaul
Emden Beached and Done For
The First Convoy
Gen Birdwood
Maj-Gen White
Training in the Desert
Tha landing at Anzac
AE2 in the Marmara
Come on Australians (Battle of Krithia)
Anzac Cove
The Man with the Donkey
The arrival of wounded at Wandsworth hospital
Lone Pine
Charge of the 3rd Light Horse at the Nek
Lt-Gen Chauvel
Lt-Gen Monash
Camel Corps at Magdhaba
How a Victoria Cross was won at Palestine
The Charge of the 4th Light Horse at Beersheba
The Es Salt Raid
Leaders of the Australian Light Horse
The Final Dash in Palestine
Light Horsemen in palestine
An Australian
Sausage valley
Winter at Mametz
Bullecourt - the death of Maj Black 16 Bn
Albert Cathedral
Zero hour at Messines
Boulonge in wartime
The Cloth hall Ypres
Australian Artillery going into action
The Drover
Attacking a pillbox in Nonne Bosschen
The stretcher bearers
Bringing up the guns
The duckboard track
Welcome back to the Somme
Saving the guns at Robecq
Corbie Abbey
The Somme Valley near Corbie
Storming Mont St Quentin
Gas Alert
The Bridge Builders
Breaking the Hindenburg Line
In Templeux-le-Guerrard
The Digger
The surrender of the German High Seas Fleet
The Final Tribute - Dardanelles

Above illustrations reduced in size from those in the eBook



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