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World War 1 - Australian Imperial Force

For Empire Victoria's Roll of Honour 
For Empire New South Wale's Roll of Honour

First Expeditionary Force to the Motherland

Australia's Rally to the Dear Old Flag

Two rare books

Souvenir books issued to commemorate the First Contingent of Victorian and NSW AIF soldiers who responded so readily to the Call to Arms to defend the English Motherland, (the Australian Government offered 20,000 troops on 3rd August 1914, by the end of September they were ready for the front). A piece of genuine militaria memorabilia.

Fantastic geneology and military history item: of the first expeditionary force of 32,000 men from across Australia only 7,000 returned unharmed.

a. full listing of over 6,000 soldiers and officers of the Victorian Expeditionary Force AIF, Divisional HQ, 2nd Inf Bde - 5th Bn, 6th Bn, 7th Bn, 8th bn, 4th Light Horse, No. 2 Field Ambulance, AACC Regt, 2nd Field Artillery Bde, Divisional Ammunition Column, Engineer's Regt and AAS Corps.

Full page pictures of officers and photographs of preparation and training at Broadmeadows, a march past Parliament, Australian Navy vessels including the AE1 and a 2 page spread of a march past the Governor-General at Broadmeadows.

b. a full listing of over 6.000 soldiers and officers of the NSW Expeditionary Force AIF, pictures of officers (including LtCol MaClaurin), picture officers of the 1st and 2nd Regiments Australian Light Horse, listing of Divisional HQ, 1st Light Horse, 1st Infantry Brigade, 1st Bn, 2nd Bn, 3rd bn, 4th Bn 1st Field Artillery Brigade, Field Engineers, Army Service Corps, 1st Field Ambulance and Nurses.

Full page pictures of march through Oxford St, training at Long Bay, marching on South Head, camps at Kensington, etc.

An invaluable resource for the First World War collector and researcher.

70 pp of text and pictures

Illustrations reduced in scale for web - not indicative of ebook quality

Available in PDF for Windows and Mac

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