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The Roleystone Araluen Resort Proposal

The proposed Araluen Resort Complex threatens to permanently deface one of the remaining riverside reserves in the Perth metropolitan area. The construction of a resort complex this close to the river and on such a steep hillside will forever destroy the picturesque qualities of this area of the valley. Sadly Allanah McTiernan, the Member for Armadale has expressed her support for this proposal.

The Council seems determined to press ahead with this proposal despite the expressed desire of the community to preserve the area for future generations. Short term considerations and profit are driving the proposal as per usual. Accommodation for tourism could conceivably be built away from the river and out of sight within the current estate.

A number of community groups are fighting the proposal and need our support. Please visit their websites here and express your support.

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Save Perth Hills

16 October 2006: Council approves rezoning and in doing so clearly demonstrates its lack of concern for the environment and the scenic potential of the Valley. In a move that demonstrates that the Council prefers to support absentee overseas developers, and not the expressed views of local residents and ratepayers, the site was approved for resort development.

The Council also seeks to take ratepayers for fools....firstly by reducing the number of possible land uses for the lot, obstensibly to protect the site, but unsurprisingly reduced to exactly match the uses requested by the developers. Existing low impacts uses have been removed. Secondly the Council tries to show it is behaving responsibly by reducing the number of approved accommodation units and chalets.....but how convincing is that when the original application was nothing more than an ambit claim.

The best remedy available to residents is to remember who voted for the proposal when the next elections come around. Rather than development at all costs Councillors we need to elect people who will represent the ratepayers of the area. it is now time to take Council elections seriously when the Council clearly shows a complete disregard to the views of residents.





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