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The Roleystone Valley, Brookton Valley, Araluen Valley, Misty Valley, Canning Valley, Enchanted Valley........
whatever you want to call it, the Valley is a beautiful place with birds and marsupials,
Marri and Jarrah, Wattles, Balga and introduced poplars and an everchanging vista of the seasons.

We are blessed with a wonderful Australian outlook, only 15 minutes from traffic,
rail services and shopping, but so far in outlook and feel from the main part of the city.

These pages seek to showcase photos of Roleystone.
If you have any to share and wish to see them on this website, please send them to [email protected]


Muzza's Gallery 1

Muzza's Gallery 2

Muzza's Gallery 3 (below)

Muzza's Gallery 4

Contributor's Gallery

Marri trees

Silver Princess

Golden Summer

Balga grasstrees

Bushwalk Araluen

Old Buckingham Farm - Old Albany Rd

Canning valley

Old Buckingham Farmsite - Old Albany Rd

Old Buckingham Farm - Old Albany Rd


Weir on the Canning River - Araluen

Canning River valley walking trail

Canning Valley

Canning River valley walking trail

Walking Trail to Old Buckingham Farm Araluen

Old Buckingham Farm Araluen

Wattle trees

Roley Pool



Email us here with any information on Roleystone that you would like to see on this site.








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